I am a single gal who is independent and perfectly able of taking care of  myself and all my needs financially. I have my own business, and I save money, so that I can travel and do the things that I enjoy.  I believe that if it is meant to be,  HE, my future soul mate, will fall into my lap for as long as he is meant to be with me.  I believe that we are here for the moment, and I also believe that we have to take advantage of every second and every moment we are on this planet.  Life is a journey to be enjoyed and soul mate love is a gift that God gives us when we are ready to share our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.  We know when we are ready, but our inner God is a part of this decision too. We both have to mutually decide when the time is right. When one soul mate relationship doesn’t work out, we can manifest a new soul mate when we are ready.  Soul Mate Love is not a guarantee that it will last forever.   HE, my future soul mate, has to enhance my life–not take away from it in order for me to go on that ever so beautiful and sacred intimate sensual loving journey with him. It doesn’t mean that I have to sit on the coach and wait….and wait….and wait. Hell no!

I am going to Hedonism 2 this summer with a group  and as a single gal. This will be my third time there, and I love it there. I have also discovered the wonderful world of  singles cruises, and  I have booked two singles cruises for within the next year. The first one is through Vacations To Go singles hosted division and the second one is through Singles Travel International. I will be going to Europe early next year with Singles Travel International. Ya never know. There could be a shipboard romance in my future.

I AM SO EXCITED TO BE DISCOVERING THE WORLD AS A SINGLE WOMAN; however, sharing the world with a soul mate is something I see for myself in the future. In the meantime……………

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