What is all the hullabaloo about men’s penis sizes anyway? Does size really matter? In my opinion, it is the chemistry between two people and how this man makes love to me that matters more then anything else. It is also how he makes me feel. If HE boasts about his size and what he can do for me, believe me, it is a sure fire way to turn me off. I know that a man who boasts about the size of his penis and how good he is in bed, if I allowed him to, would have sex with me with his ego and not his heart.  When we connect with our hearts, we are making love. I prefer men who are small to medium anyway. I am uncomfortable with a bigger size man.Then again, there are women who love bigger sized men. I am not one of them.

Being that I am a nudist, I see men of all sizes in the community I live in. Seeing a penis is really no big deal to me; however, if I meet a single man out by the pool who is a bigger size,, I run the other way. I sometimes meet men outside of the nudist environment who aren’t nudists. After a first date, I usually invite them to the pool for the day. This is to see if they will be able to handle being nude. I think sometimes that they think that I want to see how they will measure up. That could not be further then the truth.

I usually stake out a couple of lounge chairs before  they arrive. Knowing how sensitive men are to their sizes, I bring them to the chairs and then excuse myself to the restroom. This is to give the man time to check things out and to undress without me being there. It takes the pressure off. By the time I get back 5 minutes later, they are already nude and lying in the chair. I have only had one man ask if his size was ok.

So what do you all think?