Amy and I decided that for our dreaming pleasure last night,  we would program our dreams for eachother and ourselves to bring  our dream lover into our dreams for some fun, joy and intimacy. We also asked Hypnos, the God of sleep to come into our dreams to help us sleep through the night.


I know that the first part of my dream was long and involved, but I only remember a tiny snippet of it.  The gist of what I got from that part of the dream was that I was late for something. My surroundings were all cement like a school yard. I woke up to record whatever I could remember of that dream snippet at around 4:30am. Dreams during this time have to do with spiritual development, inner grief, letting go, completion, psychic and are also very transformational.

I believe I was looking for  my dream lover in my dreams, and I was told that I was late. The cement represents, for me, that my beliefs about love are hard and embedded in my subconscious. At 65, sometimes I think it is too late for me to have a  real deep loving relationship. Being in a school like environment  in my dream is making me feel like I am willing to grow, learn and evolve from the space I am in my mind about love and relationships, and that I have been doing just that through my dreams. It is a great time of enlightenment for me.

The second part of my dream was very early this morning somewhere between 5 and 7 am and was quite enlightening as well to say the least. I have a really good friend in Arizona, and she recently got back together with her boyfriend after a difficult breakup. In my dream, her boyfriend came over to my house to fix the light in my house. At first, he made the light dimmer, which did not work for me.  He then made it lighter; and when he did, both my phones started ringing like crazy. He then started talking about new beginnings. All of a sudden I noticed that my love alter, which is in the love and relationship corner of my bedroom (in Feng Shui), had disappeared. There was an empty space in that corner. I found my love alter on my screened in patio along with some other pieces of furniture, including a brown rocking chair that I do not own. There were two very tall dark leafy healthy looking plants that looked moist like they had just been watered  in that space as well. I believe I put my love alter back in my bedroom. Suddenly, my friend’s boyfriend gained a huge amount of weight, and his stomach got very big. In my dream, I told my friend that he had gotten heavy, and she said “it’s worse”.

Dreams between 5 and 7am can be relating to other people. It can also be about things that are cluttering and clogging up our life. I believe that this dream is two fold.  One part of the dream, I feel, was for my friend and her boyfriend. and the other part was for me. They had recently broken up, but had just gotten back together. For some reason, my friend’s boyfriend came into my dream, because  he wanted me to know that he was fixing things between them; which is wonderful. My friend told me last night through facebook messenger that she had forgotten her phone at her boyfriend’s house, which is why the phones were ringing like crazy.

I feel like my love alter disappearing and reappearing where the two healthy moist and watered plants were meant that their relationship was once again blossoming and very juicy, but that I could very well be having a new beginning in sexy juicy love as well.  It could also mean that Amy and I are ready for find our sexy juicy love partners.  I put my love alter back, so I am ready for love. The fact that he got heavy, meant that there were still issues and a heaviness between them that needed to be resolved.


Hypnos, the God Of Sleep, asked Amy “Do you want us to gently eradicate your memories of past lovers?.  She said “YES”.  She then saw herself looking through a telescope. There were also brass nautical equipment and a compass with it.  The word “windless” came into into her thoughts , which is a nautical winch for pulling up anchors. It felt very magical and mystical to her. The telescope, the nautical equipment and the compass felt like stuff she was using at night to connect with the moon and stars. She also loves being by the water.  I came into her dream and told her that she would use this equipment in other relationships with men. She is being divinely guided into a new relationship.

Tonight is our last night of our dream partnership, and it will be duel night healing dream journey #12. Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow. We, once again, will call in Hypnos, God of Sleep and our Dream Lovers to hopefully receive and experience the whispers of sweet juicy nothings into our ears.  If at first, we do not success, try try again. We are ready, and our fingers and toes are crossed. Stay tuned…..