Amy (my dream partner) and I decided for night number 7 to program our dreams with Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite, God Eros (Aphrodite’s son) and God Anteros (Aphrodite’s other son). This was night number 7 of programming our dreams We both programmed our own dreams and eachother’s dreams for abandonment issues, letting go of the past, opening our hearts to love and manifesting a new soul mate relationship.

I had one of the strangest dreams that I have ever had in my life last night. There was a Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces and Virgo and Mercury is still in retrograde until the 22nd, I am sure all that added to the strangeness of these dreams .  I dreamed that I went to the nail salon I used to go to before they were bought by someone else. I no longer go there. The old owner, Holly,  in my dream was there doing my nails. (I wear acrylic nails). In real life, she actually disappeared without saying anything to anyone; and when I went for my appointment, the nail salon was closed. I found out later she was gone.  It did feel in a small way that I was abandoned after years of going there.

In the dream, she kept saying that my 3 middle finger nails were triplets. She was taking forever to do my nails. She was worried about a friend of hers who was sick, and she asked me to drive to Long Beach to check on her. I knew that she meant meant Long Beach, California, nearby where I used to live in Orange County, California.  I now live in Florida. I said no, because it would take too many freeways to get there. In the end, her friend showed up at the nail salon. That was me exercising my power and saying NO AND CLOSING THE DOOR TO MY PAST SELF, and saying YES to my present and future self in a new light. 

The doors and windows were closed in the salon, and there was no light coming in. In fact the whole strip mall seemed like something strange was going on. It felt closed off. People were acting very strange, and I had to go to the bathroom in the middle of one of the stores, because the toilets were tied off. It seemed like there were a lot of people floating around and partying, but it felt like the stores were being abandoned. 

Finally, I didn’t feel safe there, so I went to the parking lot to get my car. I asked some lady what was going on, and she said that Marlboro Company bought over the strip mall, and that they were tearing down the stores and building new ones.

For me, the meaning of these dreams last night and early this morning seems to be that I am letting go of the old  beliefs, and that I am in the process off building new beliefs and restructuring my life.  I just don’t feel safe and comfortable in that old energy (the old me) anymore. In the past couple of nights, I have had powerful dreams in which the windows were wide open, so I know that I am just being warned to live and stay in the light and not go backwards.

 For me, the meaning of triplets in my dream could mean  finding harmony and balance in  my body, mind and soul – being in synchronicity. 

The Card I picked from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card Deck when I woke up this morning was  AWAKENING YOUR TRUE SELF.


For Amy, her dreams were a little personal to her and not to be shared. Her dreams, however, seemed to be giving her warnings and premonitions about staying away from certain types of “situations” and warned her not to back track. Most importantly, they warned her not to give her power away. THE POWER OF SAYING NO to what is not working for her and allowing her to express her truth is what seemed to be the message for her.

We have decided that tonight (night number 8)  to continue to program Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite, Eros and Anteros into our dreams for tonight. We are going to also program the Power Of Joy and the Power Of Romantic Love into our dreams as well.

ADDENDUM – Today, 9/21, after deciding to work with  Hypnos, God of sleep and Morphius, Lord Of Dreams, I discovered that there are 3 brothers known as triplets who rule dreams and sleep. Who knew……….it was a prophetic dream afterall. I was being told that it was important to work with them in our dreams.