Amy and I decided to “GO GREEK”,  in programming our dreams for last night. We chose Goddess Aphrodite (Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality). Venus is the Roman version of Aphrodite.  We just had to include her  son, Eros,  (God of Erotic and Romantic Love). In the Roman version, he is Cupid. We also asked Archangel Michael to join in on this serious yet fun sexy healing adventure, because we just couldn’t leave him out. We knew that he would provide guidance, clearing, protection and clearing to ensure that we manifest a healthy relationship.  We did not include her son, Anteros (God of mutual and requited love) last night; however, you never know…..


In the dream, I was at my desk writing a book (which is actually true) about healing and removing blocks within ourselves for the purpose of being in a healthy relationship. I sensed magic all around me. I was also shown that I have a magical Yoni that sparkled and twinkled.

The next thing I knew I was lying on the floor and a giant pig came over and sat on me. He was heavy; however, he got up and trotted off. To me the pig represented heavy burdens being lifted from me.

I was then back at my desk, and a little toddler/baby  not more then 2 years old was standing just inside the door. I walked over to her and held and hugged her, and we connected. Ahhhh, and my inner child needed that. The baby/toddler was then sitting in one of those baby carrying chairs looking very happy. Connecting with my inner child was something that needed to be done. I did not feel “nurtured” by my mother growing up. Yes, I was taken very well care of with food, clothing, a roof over my head and parents that protected me, but it was  always that extra “nurturing” energy that I needed to make me feel that unconditional love.  Without it, I always felt like I had to be perfect in order to be loved.

I then saw a man and a woman holding eachother in the bedroom. They (we) looked small, and we were looking out the window, which was wide open, and there was a clear clean bright view out the window. What a beautiful dream! The man and woman looked small, because we are just beginning to form. He is out there, the future love of my life and my soul mate ready to be manifested when the time is right.  Thank you Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite and Eros.

When I woke up, after journaling my dream, I picked a card from the Healing With The Fairies Oracle Card Deck, and it was the card PROBLEM RESOLVED. Yes, I feel blessed and happy this morning.



She was with a two year old baby who was swaddled in a blanket, and she described the baby/toddler as a bundle of joy. She feels that the baby was her inner child being loved by her mother. She was also in Rome at a fountain in the plaza. The fountain, to her, was a wishing well. She called it the Try Or Dare Fountain. She then woke up to the sound of the song “Set Free”. Amy, like me, is letting go of her past. That couple also represented  her future soul mate as well. We are on our way. 

Tonight, for our  7th duel dreaming healing journey, we are going to call in Aphrodite, Eros, Anteros and Archangel Michael. Let the love journey continue.