Amy and I programmed our dreams last night for eachother and ourselves with Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity, victory, and also with Archangel Michael. We focused on love and prosperity and raising our love condition, our sex condition, our success condition, our wealth condition and our life condition. We are thrilled that Mercury In Retrograde will be over in 2 days.


Last night, I had 4 dream snippets from what I know were very long dreams. Dream snippets can more significant then very long dreams, because Spirit chooses those dream snippets for us, because they are significant to our personal growth and transformation.

First dream snippet – I dreamed that I got my period, which let’s say in real life is impossible. I am 65. I also had cramps. In the dream, I went to the doctor, and there was absolutely nothing physically wrong with me. For me, this was a releasing and transformational dream. It’s the memories of my younger juicy days. Although, I still feel connected to those sexy, sensual and juicy moments, I am sometimes afraid of those moments going away. This is a powerful reminder that I still have it in me, and that I can draw in a juicy, sexy and sensual man.  The cramps are growing pains. I am transforming before my very eyes. Since I recorded this snippet at 4:23am, it is during the time when dreams are transformational. This time between 3 and 5am are times for receiving love, letting go, completion, freedom, etc.

2nd dream snippet – I saw the letter A quite clearly. Since Amy is my dream partner, I felt like the letter A related to her, and I felt like we were connecting at that moment in my dream. The letter A seemed to be written in caligraphy, and she informed me this morning that she used to do caligraphy. An alternate meaning is that it is at the beginning of the alphabet, so new beginnings for both of us.

3rd dream snippet – I dreamed that I worked in an office, and that I didn’t want to be there. I kept wanting to check my phone for messages, and I wanted to be home to take my call from Amy. We talk in the morning to discuss our dreams. I had the ringer off on my phone. Now this was an interesting dream. I have worked out of my home for many years, and I have an office in my home. I have not been comfortable working in my office for quite awhile. I need to reorganize and redecorate it. I have had several other dreams about reorganizing and redecorating my office, and I have gotten rid of some things and reorganized; however, more needs to be done. I decided this morning to get rid of my old office chair and some other things, and I am going to make it more cozy. I have someone coming to pick up the office chair this afternoon.

4th dream snippet – There was a horse who was being very kind and loving towards his male owner and vice versa . Then I saw a dog and his male owner in a swimming pool being very kind and loving to his owner, and the owner being loving to his dog. That dream showed me love and strong emotional depth. A horse can represent dynamic sexual energy, and in this case the horse showed love. This dream represented to me a loving relationship.

The last 3 dreams were between 5 and 7am, and it makes since.  Among other things, these dreams are about cluttering and clearing up our lives.


Amy had a very long dream that she could not remember, but she remembers the feeling. She knew that the dream was about the past, and a reminder dream about letting go. She did have a dream snippet that she remembered. In her dream, she was staying at a friend and her daughter’s house, and was on the phone with another friend (me).  The conversation between Amy and me was going on for a long time, which in real life has been happening while we have been dream partners. In the dream she felt like she was ignoring her friend, which I think she feels is happening in real life. They were having tea together in the dream.  She finally had to hang up  from me, and we would talk later. As you can see, we both connected via thoughts and phone in our dream at approximately the same time.

Tonight, we are going to program ourselves and eachother for our dream lovers to come into your dreams. WOOHOO! Can’t wait! Stay tuned for our duel night healing dream journey #11. Until tomorrow….