Last night, Amy and I programmed our dreams for ourselves and eachother once again with Archangel Michael, Goddess Aphrodite, and her sons Eros and Anteros for a romantic adventure in our dreams and to open our hearts to love and a significant soul mate/twin flame relationship. I also called in the Power Of Prosperity for myself and the Power of Love and Forgiveness for Amy. This morning Amy feels like she woke up with the Power Of Forgiveness within her.


I only remember snippets of my dreams; however, I believe that those snippets were significant. The first snippet of my dream was that I was giving away a free oracle card reading with the Gateway Dream Oracle Card Deck and someone won. For me,  becoming a Dream Coach is life changing for me, and so I feel like I am the winner.  I am presently working on getting my Gateway Dream Coach Certification, and I should have it this week. I am so excited. I also have 16 Oracle Card Decks, and I use one or more of them each time I give a reading for someone.  Adding oracle cards to my clairvoyant and clairsentient readings, enhances the power of the messages I receive for my clients.

The second snippet was that a woman was telling me about her giant 300 pound orange cat, and that the cat wasn’t feeling as well as she could. The cat needed to lose weight. Now I believe the woman talking about the cat was either Amy or Aphrodite. Amy does not have a cat. 

Orange represents the Sacral Chakra – the Sexual Chakra.  It also represents  a stimulation of the senses and a feeling of aliveness. The number 3 has another meaning to me as well.  It is the union of mind, body, and soul-being balanced. The number 300 represents the God within me.

The cat represents me in this dream.  In a previous blog, I posted about going to a tantra teacher in 2003. She took me through a guided meditation where I became a cat during the meditation. Up until that point, I had a very severe allergy to cats. I could not even enter a house with a cat. The cat in the meditation represented my sexual issues and also some issues I had with my mother. After this meditation, I  was and still am able to be in a house with a cat for up to 2 days, where as before I could not enter a home with a cat. Also, I am petite, but it bothers me that I have gained 3 pounds. I am wanting to lose those 3 pounds before I go on a scheduled cruise October 15, so I can feel more beautiful and sexy.

I am feeling like Goddess Aphrodite, who represents love, beauty and sexuality, is bringing these issues to the surface, and I am defintely healing those issues.



Amy dreamed that she was Florence Foster Jennings who was a wealthy woman and patron of the arts in the 40’s.  She was an American socialite and amateur soprano who was known and mocked for her flamboyant performance costumes and notably poor singing ability. There is a movie out about her out in the theaters right now.

In another part of her dream, she applied for a job in a movie theater, but they told her that her legs were not tan enough. Amy, on the inside, is concerned about how she is perceived to others. She is worried about making a fool out of herself, and that she isn’t good enough or even enough. Amy is more than enough and this dream is helping these issues to come to the surface to be resolved, so that she can feel good enough to be loved by the future soul mate of her dreams and to pursue her dreams.

She also dreamed that she lives with the Village People. To her, that relates to her someday living in New York City where she has many connections.

Night Healing Dream # 9 is tonight. Stay tuned….