My friend, Amy and I, are on a 3 night duel night dream healing journey together. Click here for day 1 of our experience. Last night was day 2.

 As you know, we are both dream coaches, psychic mediums and night healers through our dreams.  We both decided to call in Angus Mac Og, a Celtic God of soul mates and love. He is especially powerful, because if you ask him right before you go to sleep to come into your dreams to help you to manifest your soul mate, he will. We also both called in for ourselves and eachother  Quan Yen, the Goddess Of Compassion, and Alpha and Omega, ascended masters and twin flames. We programmed our dreams for ourselves and eachother to meet our soul mate/twin flame in our dreams.  I also asked for both of us to communicate with our soul mate/twin flame while we sleep.  Both Amy and I both seem to  have the most meaningful dream early in the morning usually between 5 and 7am. Last night, our dreams were completely different, but ever so powerful.


She saw herself living in a beautiful luxurious spacious home with beautiful wrap around porches on a beautiful piece of property with beautiful gardens and grassy area. She was prosperous and going to the bank  and making deposits all the time. She felt  prosperous and that life was wonderful. She saw and felt a wonderful man coming towards her and they felt so much  love between eachother.  


I dreamed that I did not sleep all night. I was upset in the dream, because I very much needed to go to sleep and dream. I had a lot to do that day, and I had to take a bus to go somewhere where I was being trained for something. I made a decision not to go and to stay home and take care of myself and my needs, so that I could sleep and dream. There were other people in my house including a female friend I used to be close to whose birthday is on 9/11 (yesterday). There was a muscular man in shorts and a tee shirt there too. I told everyone who was in my my home that I was going in my bedroom for privacy, some space, to sleep and to dream. I took my cell phone with me, but the ringer was off.  I was awakened by a staticky sound from my home phone. The receiver was off the base, and it is the sound that a phone makes when it is off the hook.  The receiver (in fact 2 receivers) were missing, and I could not find them.  I knew that the man I had seen earlier in the house before I went to sleep had taken the receivers. 

My dream, to me, meant that at this  moment I need to do some clearing work for removing the blockages within me that are preventing my soul mate/twin flame from coming in. I also have to clear the communication lines and staticky energy between my soul mate and me, so that he can come in.  The fact that there were two receivers off the hook to me means that I have two potential soul mates waiting or that the other receiver of energy is Amy. It showed me that Amy is more ready then I am for a soul mate/twin flame, and so I have some work to do on myself including more dreaming to do to get myself ready for a new soul mate/twin flame relationship. Amy’s dream was beautiful, and showed me that the beauty of love, prosperity and life is already within us. We just have to allow ourselves to access the love, prosperity and beauty of life.

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