Last night, Amy and I programmed our dreams as Dream Partners and night healers for eachother and ourselves  on our 12th and last night of our wonderful, enlightening and powerful partnership. We agreed to be partners during the last 12 days of Mercury in Retrograde. We are both single, and our purpose was to remove blocks within us that are preventing us from manifesting our soul mate. We felt that Mercury in Retrograde was the perfect time to work on our issues.  As psychic mediums and dream coaches, we felt that we would be powerful dream partners for eachother; and we were. We will definitely be working together again in our dreams, and perhaps at least once a week. I can’t wait for our futures to manifest in the arms of our future beloveds. We are ready.

We both programmed Hypnos, God of sleep and Morphius, God of Dreams (especially prophetic and soul mate dreams). Hypnos had 3 sons, and his 3 sons are the triplets of Oneirol Morphius is the King of the Oneirol. I will blog in more detail about them in another post. Five nights ago (night dream #7), I blogged about a dream I had  in which I was in a nail salon, and I was told that my 3 middle finger nails  were triplets. I was purplexed to say the least about that dream; however, within a week of that dream, Amy and I discovered the “Triplets”. 


In the past 4 or 5 month of programming my dreams, I have only had a few times in which I didn’t remember my dreams. This was one of them. I woke up feeling incredible peaceful with a lot of love in my heart, and now 2 1/2  hours later I still feel that love in my heart. I know I dreamed, but it is not necessary for me to remember. I feel complete. Now I wait for my future to unfold. Tonight I will program my dreams for matters concerning prosperity.


In her first dream, she was trying to decide whether she should go to Paris or Greece. She was trying to pack, but it was taking too long.  She wasn’t finished packing, and she needed to pack her clothes and her makeup. She had to leave  at 6:15 am for her flight. In the dream, she thinks she is going to miss the flight. She is wanting to take a later flight, so she is checking for later flights. She was told to go to door handle to spin it. Spinning it up meant go on the trip. Spining it down meant do not go on the trip.  She spinned up, which meant to go. Three guys appeared at the door right then to drive her to the airport. She recognized them as the “Triplets”.  She told them to go ahead, but they said they would wait for her. This dream to Amy meant that she is getting ready to make some big changes in her life and also a move. She is trying to go at her own pace, and she is getting ready. Her fear is that she might miss the “boat”; however, going at our own pace will keep her in balance and help the changes to go along with the flow of the universe.  I had almost the exact same dream in July. 

Amy had a past life dream about an Ethiopean lover about 6 weeks ago that touched her heart very deeply. She kept talking about recreating her Ethipean dream lover again. In this segment of her dream, her past life Ethiopean dream lover came to her to remind her of what she had with him. He told her that he could not come back in this lifetime, but that she could have that type of love again. He told her to look forward.