Amy and I have been dream partners and night dream healers for 9 nights now for ourselves and eachother. Last night, Amy and I decided to program our dreams with Morphius, the Lord Of Dreams, Goddess Aphrodite, Eros, Archangel Ariel and Archangel Michael. We definitely called  in a big group. We  are finding that the more Archangels, Gods and Goddesses and Ascended Masters that we call in, the more work we do in our dreams.  I know that I woke up pretty tired.


I had a lot of dreams last night, but when I woke up briefly, I lost them all, except for one very small snippet of a dream that seemed very real. I went back to sleep, and then I was in the back seat of a car with a girlfriend of mine, Elaine. She said to me “I am moving to Canada”. I told her that she would have to get new health insurance and she would have to get some kind of Visa in order to work there. The car was standing still, and I did not feel out of control. I felt a feeling of something unplanned was about to happen, but nothing bad. I also got the sense that there was a shadow of someone in the front seat. That shadow had the keys, and could start the car at any time.  The shadow was waiting for the go ahead. The shadow could have been me in the front seat with the keys, because right now at this moment in time, I am working on myself through my dreams and waiting to move forward in my life. Elaine was in a very feminine white lacey dress with kind of old fashioned puffy sleeves. The shadow, on the otherhand, felt masculine; so it feels like there is definitely a shift going on in the balancing of the energies and synchronicity. The time is near. Things are about to happen. Time will tell…..

Another dream interpretation could be that Elaine and my mother, who passed on (5 years ago), have the same birthday. I am definitely working through my mother issues.


Amy, too, had quite a number of dreams last night, but the moment she woke up, she lost them all, except for one.  She saw one big beautiful feather in her dreams. She picked up the feather, and she immediately felt joy and freedom. She felt a huge sense of relief as if she went through the worst of it, and she was finally coming out on the otherside. Her dream told her that she is definitely making progress in shifting her way of thinking and in moving forward in her life in a position direction.

Hooray for us!

Tonight is going to be our duel dream healing journey #10.  We are going to take it easy and program our dreams with Venus, Goddess of  love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory, because it is time for victory and all that encompasses this victory for both Amy and me. We are also calling in Archangel Michael. We will ask for their assistance in taking us into our future.