Last night, my dear friend of 30 years, Elaine,  and I decided to be  night healers and program our dreams to heal eachother while we are sleeping.  Elaine has problems with remembering her dreams, so I was hoping and praying that this would work for her. We mutually programmed our dreams to help eachother to  heal our blockages.  She is on the west coast, and I am on the east coast.  When we each went to sleep, we individually programmed our dreams for eachother by calling upon Archangel Michael andArchangel Chamuel to protect the light within us and to allow the light to shine brightly and to bring us greater love, success and prosperity. I did it for both myself and for her. 

This morning I woke up without remembering my dreams. I instantly layed very still, and I asked my archangels to help me remember my dreams. Instantaneously MCDONALDS (Hamburgers) appeared in my head like a shooting star. The memories of my dreams instantly came back as well. I was purplexed by MCDONALDS appearing in my head, since I rarely go there.

 In my dream, I called a man I was dating. I was expecting him, and he was late. He told me on the phone that he was late, because he was sleeping with someone else. The dream also had to do with putting a singles group together and trying to get things organized.  That actually happened 12 years ago when an old boyfriend, Jack, called me crying, because he had slept with someone else the night before. I was devistated, and we broke up never to see eachother again. It took some time, but I got over him. Now, I have also had the realization that Archangels Michael and Chamuel are letting me know that my next boyfriend hasn’t arrived yet, because he still might be involved with someone else. Time will tell…..Yes, I am waiting and quite ready for a new boyfriend.  Dream healing  is  a very good way to heal the past.  Healing the past to the future.

I just talked to my friend, Elaine. When I mentioned McDonalds, she laughed.  She told me that in the 70’s she had worked for Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonalds.  He also owns the San Diego Padres, and she was a Padrette for them. She also filled me in on how McDonalds got created. He joined the McDonald Brothers in 1954, and built it into what it is today. Archangel Michael was showing me that she had successfully sent me night healing energy. Unfortunately, she did not remember her dreams when she woke up. I let her know that she should also have programmed her dreams for herself as well. When I program my dreams as a night healer for someone, I also program healing for myself.

ADDENDUM – Elaine just called me . She is studying management and leadership training for the company she is working with to get ahead. She said that right after we hung up the phone, she opened up her book; and the book was talking about Ray Kroc and his success with McDonalds. She had not thought about him in years.