Amy and I decided that for last night we would program our dreams with Archangel Michael (for strength and protection), Goddess Kali (for clearing the past and moving forward), Morphius, Lord Of Dreams (for prophetic and soul mate dreams) and Angus Mac Og ( also for soul mate dreams).


Last night, before I went to sleep and programmed my dreams, I pulled three cards from the Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Deck – breaking free, feeling sale and romantic partner.

I dreamed that I lived in a very large community, which is actually true. I live in a clothing optional resort. In the dream, I felt like I never get invited to parties-especially large events and holiday events (not 100% true). My mother was in the dream. I was told to have my own party. The dream was interesting, because it showed me  the way I have to look at life-as one big giant party. If we are not part of the party, then we are not living our lives the way we are meant to live our lives.  If we isolate ourselves, we are keeping ourselves separate. Being single for so long makes me feel at times that I am not part of the big giant party of life.

When I was growing up, I isolated myself, because I felt it was safer to be alone and to stay in my own space. I have, however, come a long way since then, because to some extent, I am a part of the party. I am Jewish, and my mother used to tell me that Christmas was not my holiday; so every Christmas, no matter whether I am dating someone or not, I always end up being alone on that day. Spirit, in this dream is telling me that as long as I continue to believe my mother’s words  that I don’t deserve Christmas,  I will continue to create being excluded.  I am being shown that I have some healing to do.  It is sad that my mother had (and still does)  so much influence over my beliefs. She passed on 5 years ago.  It is time to let HER beliefs go. THEY ARE NOT MY BELIEFS. 


Her dream showed her that she is continuing to work on letting go of the past. She also said that both she and I, in the dream, were describing our future soul mates to ourselves and to eachother.