I wanted to share with all of you that in the last week I have discovered on youtube the powerful healing method of EFT Tapping.  My friend and hairdresser, Jules Phariss, turned me onto it. I don’t know why I didn’t discover it before. WOW! In this last week, I have been  concentrating on a particular tapping video by Brad Yates for attracting a loving relationship, and I have have been having some very strange and intense dreams all week.

Last night, I had a very intense and strange dream. I took someone to the doctor, and he hesitated to check in for his appointment. I told him to take my hand, and I walked him to sign in for his appointment. I put my hand in his and felt an immediate connection. At that moment in time, I recognized him to be Joe Giudice (Housewives of New Jersey).  I kept thinking that I couldn’t be with him because he was married to Teresa, going to prison and in very serious trouble.  I realize that he is going through a lot of darkness in his life; they both are. This dream, however, was not about them and their struggles. It was about me. I realized that no matter how strong the connection is with a man, I am absolutely not going to settle.  I know what I am looking for in a future soul mate relationship. Today, I decided to tap to be rich by Brad Yates. While tapping, I felt chills go through my body; and by the end of it, I felt very emotional. It was very intense and powerful. I cannot wait to do it again tomorrow and see the eventual results of EFT tapping.