In December of 2014, I went through Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Seminar after taking  Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within in November 2013. Both were phenomenal experiences.  Date With Destiny, for me surpassed any other seminar I have ever taken in my life, and I have taken many seminars and workshops. Click here to read my other blog posts about my experiences with both Date With Destiny (Boca Raton) and Unleash The Power Within (New Jersey). I have seen some powerful changes within me since Date With Destiny. 

While in the seminar, during a powerful guided meditation, I connected with my biological father who disappeared when I was a small child. I also experienced forgiveness and letting go of my inner sense of blaim. After the seminar, I decided to trace my biological roots on my biological father’s side. I had never been told the truth about his disappearence. I needed to know.  My mother had always skirted around the subject, and I was told by her that it was none of my business. My mom passed on in August of 2011, and with her the secrets and truths barried with her (so I thought). Unbeknown to me, a family member knew everything.  When I told this family member what I was doing, I was then told the entire truth. The truth was shocking, but finally I KNEW. I guess my mother thought she was sparing me pain. I also hired a professional geneologist friend to do the search for me; and in doing so, discovered two half brothers who had passed away years earlier.  From what I understand, there are more half siblings and more more of his marriages; however, the search is currently on hold while my friends are on an extended visit to Europe. I feel so grateful for FINALLY coming out of the darkness and into the light.

I also realized that I needed to experience more of life and what was I waiting for. I booked a trip to Hedonism 2 in Jamaica for this last July (my third trip). I am also booked on two singles cruises (one to Mexico and one to Europe). I am so excited.

During Date With Destiny, I wrote two letters to myself. I wrote my feminine self a letter and I wrote a letter to my future soul mate-both were  mailed to me through snail mail 7 months after the seminar  (sometime around July 15). Here is what I wrote:


I am proud of the feminine side of me, because that is the beautiful part of me. It is the sexy curvy part of me. I have carried so much shame about my body, because of my  CORE BELIEF that there some something wrong with me and that I had to be ashamed of the beauty within me. I love being feminine. I promise to stay in my feminine and not be ashamed of that soft and tender part of me. I grew up with a mother who lived in her masculine and a father who lived in his feminine. Not only did I feel like something was wrong with me, but I learned from my mom to be in my masculine. I promise never to shut off my love and to never control and manipulate ever again. I  puomise to be open and trusting and to communicate in true authenticity.



I am a beautiful and  feminine free spirit, and I am going to be my true self with you. With me, you will experience the beautiful nudist lifestyle and the freedom you never thought you would experience. I promise to love you and to share my sacred space with you. I love you already. Love, Linda