Today I feel very blessed to be a Certified Fairyologist through Doreen Virtue.  As a psychic medium, I have been channeling the fairies everyday as I read my clients, and here is today’s universal message from the fairies plus the card I picked from Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Deck.

Today, the fairies message  for  my blog readers is that there are patterns in your work  that show how you deal with your lives. if you are always in your high energy at work, then you go through life with very high energy all the time.  That  is great, however, if  you are always high energy,  you don’t stop to allow the love into your soul. The fairies also say that you are way too hard working and so you need to breathe in the natural air and slow down.  They say that today is a day they say for calmness and that there will be a surprise opportunity to communicate with someone of great spiritual depth in the very near future.

The universal message I got from the card I  picked from Magical Messages From The Fairies, is  YOU’VE GOT THE POWER. You have experienced a lot of ups and downs, but now is the time to listen to your body, mind soul and spirit and go within. The answers are within you.

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