This blog is for all women who want to spark the romance in her man.  In order to have a very sexy time with your man, you must first trigger his love, sex, erotic and romantic imagination. This is called Foreplay. Great foreplay leads to great sex.

hot couple

Foreplay is buying a sexy toy for him that is really for you, but you let him use it on you.

Foreplay is when you watch sports on tv with him even though you don’t like sports.

Foreplay is when you cook him his favorite meal even if it isn’t your favorite meal.

Foreplay is when you give him a full body massage.

Foreplay is when you massage his scalp.

Foreplay is when you greet him at the door with nothing on but your birthday suit and stay naked while you are in the house alone.

Foreplay is going skinny dipping with him in his or your pool or hot tub.

Foreplay is when you let him choose what you wear to dinner.

Foreplay is when you forget about being the independent woman that you are and let him open the car door for you JUST FOR ONE NIGHT.

Foreplay is when you scribble  cute little notes on the mirror before you leave his house.

Foreplay is undressing him.

Foreplay is buying his favorite drinks and desserts for him.

Foreplay is talking dirty to him.

Foreplay is taking a naked picture of yourselves together and then hanging it on your bedroom wall.

Foreplay is blind folding him and then having your way with him.

Foreplay is touching your man all over.

Foreplay is giving your man a blow job.

Foreplay is getting on top for a change.

Foreplay is massaging his upper thighs.

Foreplay is lighting candles and playing some soft music.

Foreplay is telling him your are not wearing any underwear when you are right in the middle of dinner at a lovely restaurant.

Foreplay is whispering all the things you would like to do to him while in the middle of dinner at a lovely restaurant. You might have to sit there for awhile afterwards.

Foreplay is doing lap dances for your man while in the privacy of your own home.

Foreplay is when you feed him his dessert.