Excuse me while I vent about something  that happened in the last couple of days.  Guys do you not believe in romance anymore? What happened to being respectful and asking a woman out. If I am NOT dating you and have NEVER dated you, please don’t walk up to me and tell me you want to fuck me. If you do that, I know you’ve told a thousand other women that you want to fuck them; and most probably you have gotten lucky a few times.  I do not want to share your cock with a thousand other women that you got lucky with. I DO NOT want  to be one of a thousand. I want to be the one that is chosen above all others. You are a man slut if you  disrespectfully walk up to someone and say “do you want to fuck” to them.

I am a woman who emotionally thrives on romance. Yes absolutely I get turned on, and I love making love and having wild sex just like any other normal woman, but I have to have and FEEL an emotional connection with you before I have sex with you. In otherwards, ROMANCE ME why don’t you?  I have no set time frame for having sex with a man.  It is whenever the timing is right for me and US. 

Just sayin……

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