This summer (2016) is going to be an awesome summer of tremendous growth and fullfillment for me. The growth has already started, and it is not even summer yet. I am so grateful for the soul in me that wants to thrive, explore and grow.  and I am grateful for the spiritual connection I have with my soul. We are in perfect allignment with eachother.

I just completed an online course through Doreen Virtue to become a Certified Fairyologist. I absolutely loved the course, and I am  totally feeling the connection to the fairies. Everyday, I go out onto my screened in porch and speak to  God, the fairies, the trees and nature. Everytime I do that I feel chills as I say good morning and good evening to the fairies. Since I live in a condo, and I only have a screened in porch, I have started buying potted plants for the fairies, and it is helping me feel the connection to nature. I absolutely feel connected to the Fairy Oracle Cards, and I have incorporated them into my readings.

In June, I am going to The Divine Wisdom Retreat in Phoenix, Arizona where Denise Linn, Collette Baron Reid and Lisa Williams will be doing a workshop together. I am very much looking forward to it. It is going to be one powerful retreat.

In October, I am going on a new age metaphysical cruise called Cruising Into Spirit where there will be many teachers, healers, psychics, etc. doing workshops. It is on the Oasis Of The Seas. I will get to do two of my favorite loves, cruising and taking workshops.

I also have  another week long workshop, which is actually a certification course, that I hope to take in August that came up a few days ago, and I will tell you about it in the not too distant future. I don’t want to jinx it.  I spoke to God and the fairies, and I said that if this is something I would benefit from to please help me to create the money to do it. The next day, I received notification that I had unclaimed funds for the exact amount that I needed to do that workshop, which turned out to be very true. I have my fingers crossed that ithe money will arrive in time, which I strongly suspect that it will after my dream last night.  Last night, I dreamed that I saw James Van Praagh, and I told him I had heard about his cruise. He is actually doing a cruise in Tahiti.  He said to me “I cannot help you”, but so and so can. She is wonderful”. WOW! God, the angels and the  fairies are answering me. I really feel connected.

Thank you God, the fairies and the angels for leading me down the path of love, healing and discovery.


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