I have always loved hairy chested men. My desire for hairy chested men began when I was 21 years old. That is when I met my first love, Ken. He loved to wear open shirts; and coming from a very conservative Jewish family, I was shocked the first time I opened the door to him with his shirt halfway unbuttoned. All that beautiful delicious sexy hair was flowing down his beautiful sexy chest.

From that point on, hairy chests became my prerequisite for the physical part of what I wanted in a man. Hairy chests always made me weak in the knees until last year. Something shifted in me, and I am not sure what. One morning I woke up, and the first thing that came to mind was that I need to find Ken. I hadn’t thought about him in many years, and we had been broken up for over 40 years. Curiousity got the best of me; and after doing  a very short google search, I discovered that he had passed away. (I will have to reblog that event from another blog I did last May/June).  I was both shocked and surprised. From that point on, hairy chests ceased to be a prerequesite for me. Smooth chested or hairy chested, if the chemistry is there, it no longer matters.  The hairy chested spell over me is broken.. Perhaps without knowing it, I was searching for him in other men.  Noone quite measured up to that beautiful sexy hairy chest of his. Smooth chests are just as gorgeous and beeautiful and sexy to me now.

MY BIGGEST PET PEEVE is when men shave their chests. To me, it seems a waste of their natural beautiful hairy energy. Besides, I know when a man shaves his chest. He feels prickly. I am not a fan of prickly.

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