Although many people do not believe in the concept of happily ever after and fairy tale romances, I believe in the power within ourselves to create our own happily ever after reality. Happily ever after comes from within.  I believe in the fairytale of living in the moment and being happy in the moment. Yes, you can live happily ever after with someone as long as you don’t put a time frame on the meaning of happily ever after. Happily ever after is any amount of time you are with someone and you feel happy and blissful.  Of course,  if your biggest desire is to have ultimate love, you can ride into the sunset with your future soul mate for as long as it lasts. Being in the moment and being happy and blissful within yourself can help you to have your happily ever after with or without someone. It comes from within you. You cannot control another person or the outcome of that relationship.

 A heart cannot love that is covered in grief or sadness, or guilt or anger, etc.  My Reiki Healing packages are geared towards YOU and you alone. They are not geared for getting someone back. If it is meant for you to be with that person and have your happily ever after, you will.  Leaving it up to the universe is a powerful way to bring you the ultimate love for a happily ever after relationship  without controlling the outcome and time frame.

I have so many clients who  want me to help them get their lover back so they can live happily ever after with him or her.  Just today I had someone write to me asking if I would do Reiki on her ex boyfriend, so that she could get him back and so they could live happily ever after. The answer is NO.  You cannot not change someone’s free will, and you cannot make someone love you or want to be with you. I can do a reiki healing on YOU to clear out obstacles within YOU, but not the other person. If doing a Reiki Healing on you and for you will either bring someone back into your life or bring someone even better into your life. It is not your choice.

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