As a professional Psychic Love Coach and Soul Communicator, I have had many clients who purchase readings, because they are devistated by their cheating lover. We as emotional human beings seem to always want the fairy tale ending in which he leaves the other woman and comes back to us. We are romantic souls, so we always hope for the best. We all want love and devotion.   A true love story involves respect and being cherished by that special someone. If you have to fight for someone’s love, it is not worth it. I decided a long time ago to never fight over a man.  If he cannot be faithful and loyal to the love that is shared between us, he is not the person that I want to be with. I want him to want me and only me, and I have too many things to do and places to see to wait for HIM no matter how strong my feelings are for him.

 I have been single for a long time, so I definitely have some stories to tell you!  I laugh about them now, but they were pretty upsetting at the time.

About 38 years ago (wow time flies by), I was dating a guy that I met at a Jewish Dance. Little did I know that he had been dating someone else for six months before me. How did I find out? We had mutual friends who knew, and who managed to successfully keep us apart at parties. The wierd thing is that I saw him all the time. The  first girlfriend was told about me by the mutual friend, but she had no idea who I was, and so she kept seeing him. I believe she asked him, but he denied it. I remained in the dark until the mutual friend decided to tell me. I instantaneously dumped him.  The mutual friend then took me to a Jewish Dance where the other girlfriend and I were introduced.  We connected immediately, and we spent the whole evening in the corner comparing notes. I told her she could have him.

She actually stayed in the relationship with him another 6 months. Over the next six months, she and I became best friends. She also moved in next door to me with her kids. That is when she ended her relationship with him. We valued our friendship more then we valued him.  I got over him very fast.

About 25 years ago, I was dating someone, and he told me he was going to Montana for vacation and it would be a couple of weeks before I heard from him. Two weeks later, he called to tell me that he had actually gone to the Philippines and gotten married (mail order bride). He had to come back, because he couldn’t get her out of the country. Apparently she was still married to someone else. I refused to ever speak to him again even though he had to get it annulled or divorced. He tried though to get back with me.

About 9 months ago, I was dating a man who suddenly emailed me saying that he was flying a woman out from another state to have sex with her, and he hoped I would understand. . He sabotaged US, but it was his loss. I moved on very quickly, and I laugh about it now.

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