I met the most rudest couple at Caliente today. I had a table to myself in the Grotto Bar; however, if I am sitting alone, I always welcome people to share the table with me.. I was in the pool, and it began to rain,so I went back into the Grotto Bar. Everyone was crowding into the Grotto Bar, as they usually do when it rains. There was a couple sitting at my table fully dressed. My towel and my bag were right there, so they knew someone was sitting there. The fact that they sat at the table was not the problem. Both of them were smoking. I told them that they were most welcome at my table, but could they please out out their cigarettes, because smoking makes me cough. The man told me it was a free country and that there was no sign saying no smoking. I then ordered some food to go. When I received my food, I let them know how rude they were and that they were never going to know the me that was open and loving and hospitable. I told them to enjoy themselves and then I left. I then told a friend of mine who jumped to my defense and went to talk to them. I didn’t stick around to find out what happened.