Good morning beautiful souls. I am right now having an AH HA moment. I shared with you a few days ago that I had an incredible session with Joanna Kennedy (The Center For Love and Happiness) on Monday. It was one of the most intense session I have had to date. In this session, I felt like I literally took back my “sacred space” from my mother. As a young person, she violated that space in so many ways. This caused me not to feel safe in “connecting” with the men I dated-emotionally and sexually-even though I thought I actually was. Not wanting to “connect” made it very difficult for me to sustain relationships, because I always seemed to have short relationships. If they were emotionally available, they were not available with me. I was always constantly having a tug of war with myself – I wanna be alone and no I don’t wanna be alone.

I had six previous session some months ago with Joanna Kennedy . I saw a HUGE shift in myself while dating this last guy I was with. I felt safe in “connection” with him, and I felt safe in sharing my sacred space with im. This past relationship must have been a stepping stone for me and a discovery of how much I had evolved (which is why I wanted another session with Joanna Kennedy). There will be another session with her at the end of next week. so the AHHH HHHA moment that I had this morning  is that I must no longer be emotionally unavailable. YAHOOOOOOO!