I was at the airport in Tampa waiting to board my flight to L.A. on Friday, and a group of  Mennonites sat next to me while waiting to board. I knew they were Amish by their outfits-husband, wife, daughter, grandchild. I asked them if they were Amish, and they said they were Amish until 2 years ago when their whole church in Indiana decided to leave the Amish and become Mennonites. The husband had the look with the beard. They were the nicest and most friendliest people, and they made my day. I was so thrilled to talk to them. Other people waiting to board joined in on the conversation as well.  They decided to leave the Amish, because they were no longer happy with the beliefs. They worried about their children (8 of them) riding in a horse and buggy to school leaving when it was still dark outside. There were no lights in the road, and it could take as long as 45 minutes to go a few miles in the cold.. There were other concerns. Now the wife drives a van. They have phones, and they do not watch TV. When I mentioned to  them about the Amish reality shows, they said that they didn’t like how the Amish were portrayed. The kids in general were not rebellious like portrayed on TV, and there really wasn’t any shunning. They are much happier being Mennonites. They had just been visiting their daughter in Tampa who had adopted a child.