I woke up this morning asking myself the following questions:

“Would I date me?

Would I want to cuddle with me.

Would I want to kiss me?

Would I want to have great morning sex with me?”

“Would I want to exclusively date me?”

“Would I want to live with me?”

The answer was and still is  “HELL YES!!!”

I am not your average “Josephine” (so to speak). I am unique and special, and I live in my own pink world spreading pink joy throughout the universe-at least that is the message  on my cell phone for others to hear when I am unable to pick up the phone. I am one tiny  63 year old 4′ 10″ bundle of pink joy. Everyone calls me the PINK CHICK. I am fun and adventurous, and I am a full time nudist living full time in a clothing optional resort  near Tampa, Florida.  I drive a hot pink car and have wall to wall hot pink carpet. Romance is in my blood.  Any man  who wants to be with me has to be sensitive enough  and confident enough in his own masculinity to date me. He also has to be monogamous. I am more than enough  adventurous romantic excitement for one man to handle.  He has to also take me seriously.

Just sayin….