Yesterday, I went to my hairdresser, Jules, who is also a very powerful healer. I asked her for some healing on a health issue. Jules proceeded to do the healing while the color was in my hair,  and  she immediately picked up on my mother who was apologizing through her for not making me feel nurtured as a child. That definitely came as a surprise to me that my mother even realized this. Later that night,  I  had a  couple of realizations  due to my lack of feeling nurtured growing up. I realized that it was due to the lack of nurturing as a child and as an adult and not feeling loved and  supported emotionally.  I have always used money to make me feel loved, wanted, whole, complete and nurtured.  I love buying clothes. Would you believe that a nudist who lives in a clothing optional resort needs clothes? Actually, yes, I do; since I love going on cruises. 

Last night, I brought Archangel Raphael and Archangel Michael into my dreams. I programmed my dreams to help me to overcome the lack of feeling nurtured  in my childhood and adult life and to heal that aspect of my childhood and my adulthood. In my dream, I saw a light haired woman wearing a super bright orange jumpsuit. She had her oracle cards spread out, and she was teaching. It was very obvious to me that this woman in the bright orange jumpsuit was me. As a psychic medium, I also channel my information through oracle cards.  She had a smile on her face, but at the same time it felt like a prison jumpsuit. I knew I was lucid dreaming, because I was writing this dream in the journal of my mind. I was making notes of other colors (like blue) coming up. In my mind, I was saying “Oh yes, remember that and remember this to write down later”.

I woke up to go to the bathroom; and not wanting to come of out the dream, I kept my eyes closed. I even made notes while barely opening my eyes.  I then saw an atrium and a spiral staircase. Still in my bright orange jumpsuit, I was now upstairs smiling. There was a piano downstairs, and someone was playing the piano with great  intensity. He was playing DA DA DA! I then saw myself turning, transforming and evolving into a tree. To me, the tree represents life energy and prosperity. I also saw  a woman in black with her back to me. I knew that was the old me.

Yesterday, I added a Malachite healing stone to my Dream Alter. While cleansing it, I felt an immediate connection to it and chills flowing through me.  I purchased the Malachite, because it brings change and helps us in taking emotional risks. It shows us what is blocking our spiritual growth, draws out deep feelings and the psychicsomatic causes for our emotional and physical issues.. It also allows us to break unwanted ties and patterns.  No wonder my dream was so powerful.

This is the second time that I have dreamed of possessing the brightness, energy vitality and vibrancy of within me. I am evolving and transforming before my very eyes into the woman I was always meant to be. I know that programming my dreams is a way of nurturing and healing myself. The truth is that I must feel the nurturing within myself and to allow myself to be feel and be loved, wanted and nurtured not only within myself but from others. I will be programming my dreams for guidance in this.

To be continued….