Yes I admit it. I am a reality show junkie. Two of  my favorite reality shows on the planet are  the Bachelor and Bachelorette. I have seen the Bachelorette through many seasons; however, this is the first time I have seen a Bachelor or Bachelorette reveal feelings they have for someone-i.e. when Kaitlyn told Shawn she was falling in love him. It has also been hush hush and on the sly when someone has slept with someone before the Fantasy Suite. This time they recorded all the sounds coming from her room when she had sex with Nick. I do not think that was necessary; however, you never know what is going to happen when you are on TV.

I am on Facebook, so I read all the posts about the Bachelorette. There are so many people out there who are calling Kaitlyn a slut, but  the reality of it is that she is dating and trying to discover who she has spiritual, emotional and sexual chemistry with. I admit that  Nick might have not been her best choice to sleep with, but that is her choice. Desire and lust can sometimes overwhelm us aand cause us to slip into a sexual coma of uninhibited desire and lust. You’ve been there, and so have I. They only have a short amount of time to creating lasting love. This is something that has proven to be difficult in past seasons, so she has found her own method of sorting through the men.

Hopefully, as the show progresses, she will make the right choice.  Kaitlyn is a normal healthy woman experiencing The Bachelorette as authentically as she can.  Kudos to her for being able to tune out the cameras and be herself as she is going through the process of eliminating men and finding true love.   Please do not judge Kaitlyn for being a healthy sexual woman. I admire Kaitlyn.  How many of you have slept with a man only to discover he/she is the wrong man or woman?

It is difficult to determine the best time for sex with someone. If you have sex right away because you are going with the flow of your emotions and sexual desire, you risk the chance of someone thinking you are too easy.  If you wait too long and procrastinate, you risk the chance of he or she moving on. I myself have to feel an emotional connection (and of course sexual desire for that person) and complete trust in the man I have sex with.  IF THERE IS NO TRUST, you might as well move on. 

Maybe in 1800’s and the early 1900’s it was ok to wait until you are married, but these days in the middle of what I like to call the sexual revolution, going with the flow and being our authentic sexual selves is the best way to be-NO GAMES.