I have discovered the power of being in the Vortex through the Abraham Hicks videos, and I work on living in the Vortex  everyday through affirmations, prayer and dream programming. Being in the Vortex means we are at one with who we really are. It is being connected to our God Source and the Universe. God and the Universe want what we want. We just have to know that we are worthy and deserving of receiving, giving,feeling and trusting love. Here is an awesome affirmation that I created and shared in the Abraham Hicks Vortex Soulmates private Facebook page today.


Now I used the word wealthy. You can instead choose words like blissful, joyful, sexy, loveable, etc. Repeat this affirmation out loud  1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again every single day. DO NOT SKIP A DAY. It could happen right away or take months for your new soul mate connection to show up.  Once you have what I call your SPIRIT DREAM in which your soul and the soul of your next soul mate meet and connect in your dreams, then you know your soul mate is on the way. 

 Just because we fall in love with a soul mate, it does not mean that he or she is our forever and one and only soul mate in this life time. In my belief about soul mates, there is no such thing as THE ONE. If  one believes in that concept that there is only one soul mate, then  it might leave them with a feeling of hopelessness. A soul mate relationship can be brief, but leave a major impact on our lives and our hearts NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN AND ALWAYS TO BE REMEMBERED; or a soul mate relationship can last a lifetime.  Not all soul mates are meant to be, so if one soul mate connection does not work out, know that WE have the power to manifest a new powerful soul connection through prayer, meditation, dream programming, etc. Just knowing that we are THAT POWERFUL can help us in moving on from a  soul mate connection that does not seem to be goiing anywhere.

We must always be true to our hearts. Life is too short not to be our genuine authentic selves and to feel and express love to the person that we love. In that way, we have no regrets.  I call it “air flowing through the heart”. Feeling, expressing, giving and receiving love helps us to feel alive inside. I went through my 20’s, 30’s and most of my 40’s (I am now in my 60’s) not able to FEEL love, so now if  I feel it, I say it.  Isn’t that what life is all about? 

I am so excited that I am booked on the Abraham Hicks Vortex Greek Cruise in October, 2018. Can’t wait!