Amy and I have decided to continue our dual night healing dream journey while Mercury is in Retrograde. Mercury in Retrograde ends September 22. This was our fourth night as dream partners. We both programmed our dreams with Morphius. He is the Lord of Dreams, who encourages prophetic and soul mate dreams, and he helps us to interpret our dreams. We also programmed Angus Mac Og, Celtic God of love and soul mates and Venus, Greek Goddess of love, to work with us in our dreams. She represents love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory. 


A very dear and very close friend who is like family to me (Ed)  appeared in my dream last night. We have been friends for many years.  There was also this a gal in my dream that I seemed to know. Ed asked me how I would feel if he asked her out. I said that it would feel too wierd, so he did not ask her out.  Later, I changed my mind, and told him to go out with her. This gal gave me a dress to wear. I tried to change and paint the dress and put some sequence on it, but I ruined it. I then started to tear up the dress, and I was tearing it up at the zipper. Ed, who is quite masculine and manly in real life, then shows up in a long silver sequenced  dress. I was also looking for some sweet n’ low, and I found it in the cupboard. My mother’s energy was in the dream as well.

I feel that this gal that gave me the dress was either another part of myself or it could have been Amy, since we are working together in our dream journey. We seem to be crossing over into eachother’s dreams. I feel like the dress represents the me that I no longer need to be- something that I am wanting to change within myself.  It was difficult to rip and tear apart the dress, because of the strength of the zipper. I was really working hard and using all my strength to rip apart the zipper. The zipper  represents  my barriers to intimacy and closeness, and it was really important for me to rip it at the zipper. I was, however, struggling with it. The zipper represents FREEDOM to me – jumping out of the past into the future with a future soul mate. In the end, since I couldn’t break apart the zipper with my hands,  I threw the dress away to get rid of it.

For me, Ed showing up wearing the long silver sequenced dress represents balance in a relationship.  I have been receiving messages in a couple of my other dreams about balancing my Ying Yang-the masculine and feminine side of myself-which is very important in order for me to be in a strong and successful soul mate relationship. The man must also be in balance with his masculine and feminine in order for us to be in a balanced and loving relationship. In speaking to Amy, she agrees that she needs to work on creating a balanced relationship as well, so this dream was two-fold.


A group of her friends (me included) were walking along the beach. There was a man with us too.  We found a cat inside a bottle. The cat was throwing up inside the bottle, so we knew that we desperately had to get the cat out of the bottle. The man was able to do it without hurting the cat.

Cats in dreams represents the feminine side of ourselves and can also represent intimacy, sexuality and our inner power( depending on our situation).

For Amy, her interpretation was about releasing a past relationship, so that she could move forward into a beautiful new intimate and loving relationship. The dream showed her that she is in the process of healing and letting go. She is strong and determined to move forward, and “let the cat out”. Reminds me of the song “Who Let The Dogs Out” Maybe another version should be “Who let the cats out”. Just sayin…..

For me, since I experienced  a powerful guided cat meditation in 2003, it brought back those memories of that meditation. During the guided meditation,  I saw myself as a cat, and then some sex and intimacy issues came to light. Once these issues came to light, my severe allergy to cats subsided, and I now to this day am still able to be around cats for reasonable periods of time. I am able to stay in someone’s house with a cat in it for up to two days, whereas before, I could not even enter a house with cats in it. It was a very powerful healing meditation, which I will never forget. Amy’s dream, however, brought to light that I still have more to work on with this issue. Both of us still have some healing to do.

After I finished journaling my dreams, I pulled 3 cards from Denise Linn’s Gateway Dream Deck. The first card that I picked is the card called HEALING THE PAST, stepping into my future with strength and clarity. Yes, I could see that the way I was trying to tear apart the dress (my inner beliefs that are not working for me anymore) that I have a strong will to shift and change. The second car that I picked is the card called BELIEVING IN MIRACLES. Yes, magic is abounding in my life through programming my dreams. The third card that I picked is mending bridges. I am healing and mending rifts within my body, mind, soul and spirit; in fact, both Amy and I are, so this oracle card reading is for both of us. We are definitely making progress, and the puzzle of our lives is unraveling. 


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