First, I have to tell you about my day yesterday. I was at Whole Foods when I accidentally smacked my left big toe into something so hard that I was bleeding on the floor and on my shoe. The deli people and the manager were kind enough to bring me a chair to sit down on and bandages.  I was quite embarrassed.  I left my groceries in the cart, and I immediately headed to Med Express, since I didn’t have an appointment with my regular doctor. I needed to make sure that everything was ok. While I am driving, I am asking myself the significance of banging my toe like that when about 2 1/2 weeks before while at the Gateway Dream Retreat, I had hurt my thumb nail bed pretty bad and had banged a couple of my other fingers nails as well. To my surprise, I was at Med Express for maybe 1/2 an hour at the most. The doctor checked it out, and sent me on my way with antiobiotic cream  and gause bandages.  I believe that the acrylic (which is still in tact) on my big toe saved it from being worse. 

Before I went to sleep, I asked Archangel Raphael (the angel of healing and divine love) to please heal my toe quickly and to take away the pain while I sleep, and for Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to bring me important messages  in my dreams about what I needed to know about this situation, and for me to remember these dreams and messages. I dreamed about me being a professional psychic (which I am). In the dream, I was staying in a huge hotel, which seemed to be both an elegant and older hotel. I believe that there might have been other psychics there, but I didn’t see them. I was, however, definitely with a group of people. The hotel had red runners going down the hallways. I had been in this hotel for two months staying on the 6th Floor. I then tried to find my room a different way and got lost. I tried to climb up these trellis like stairs to get to the 8th floor; but due to the fact that I hurt my toe, I was unable to climb those stairs. I then began looking for an elevator. Someone called out my name to show me where the elevator was. I  got in it, but I didn’t see whether I went up or down.  If I truly knew what direction I was going in, I would say UP.

My friend, Angye Fox, was in the dream. It felt like she was interviewing a group of people (which included me). She then interviewed a second group of people.  I was carrying books, folders and notebooks. My hands were full. In part of the dream, my skin was peeling on my hands (which to me means that I am shedding my old beliefs). I woke up at around 5am from the dream  to go to the bathroom and then went back to sleep for another  2 1/2 hours and went right back into the dream.  My mother appeared in my dream too.


I am stunned, because I am now quite clear as to the emotional and spiritual reason for why I banged my toe and perhaps messed up my thumb and other fingers in the last 3 weeks. I have grown by leaps and bounds in the last two months. In June, I attended the Divine Wisdom Retreat, and it was an awesome experience. Two months later, on August 5th, I attended Denise Linn’s Gateway Dream Retreat for becoming a certified gateway dream coach. I began the process of programming my dreams  for me two months before the Gateway Dream Retreat.  I was emotionally, mentally and spiritually preparing myself for the workshop for being a Certified Dream Coach. I knew from the moment I booked the retreat that I was meant to be a dream coach.

Here is my interpretation of my dream last night. In the last two months, I have had some very significant and powerful dreams just about every night. I have learned and evolved so much,  and I have had some significant growth as well. The Gateway Dream Retreat was  an incredible and enlightening experience and the icing on the cake.  I feel like a new woman. I have become more and more psychic through these dreams, and I feel myself going to higher levels daily. I have learned to work with the Archangels in my dreams, and I have learned a lot about healing crystals. What a powerful two months this has been for me.

I now believe that hurting my toe yesterday has to do with my fear of “letting go” and going to a higher level psychically and spiritually. I am opening up to even more of the healing and psychic powers  within me.   About 30 years ago, I became aware  of a past life in which I was burned at the stake for being a so called witch for having psychic powers. More so then that, in this lifetime,  beginning at 2 years old, I got the message loud and clear that it was  not safe to be in my true power and potential. This dream last night spoke to me, and showed me about the fear and guilt that I carry on from this and past lifetimes.

Since I returned from the Gateway Dream Retreat, I have started writing the book that I was meant to write since I was two years old. Stay tuned…….