I have some very strong feelings and beliefs about Astral Travel. If you are traveling to a special place that doesn’t involve a specific person, that is one thing; HOWEVER, if you are astral traveling to connect with someone either in a romantic way or a “wondering what he or she is doing” way, then I consider astral travel invading someone’s space.  To me, that is a way of trying to control another. 

About 30 years ago, I went to a rebirthing weekend seminar. In one of our group rebirthing sessions, I was taken to the biological father who disappeared when I was two. I had always wondered about him, so perhaps I needed to “see him” and ‘connect with him”. I saw where he lived, his home, the lake he lived on, his dog and family around. It felt like I was really there with him. After that, I started astral traveling from time to time. I can’t remember how often, but I had done it quite a number of times. I knew he wasn’t well, and that he was having problems with his legs.  One day, I astral traveled to him, and he came right back in my face. I saw his face as clear as day right in my face! WOW! He was extremely angry,  and he yelled at me to let him go. I stopped instantly, and I never did it again. It was clear to me that he didn’t want me in his life. Shortly after that, I found out from a family friend (who became not a family friend once he told me) where he was. I called, and he hung up on me but not before yelling at me. 

That day, I learned that Astral Travel, like I said is invading someone’s space. So would do you all think of Astral Travel?