I just wanted to share with you all about my recent BOOB JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY. I am a 62 year old woman living the nudist lifestyle full time.  I  have been a part of the nudist lifestyle for over 20 years. In the clothing optional resort where I live in Florida for the past 11 years, 70% of the women have boob jobs. I have seen some beautiful boob jobs and some very bad boob jobs. I have developed a serious case of boob envy. Although I believe I have lovely boobs,  I began to quite seriously think about getting  a boob job myself in the past couple of months.  

My boob envy goes a step further. I have some fantasies about women with enhanced boobs. I want to touch them, play with them, suck them. I will go into more detail in a future blog post.

I got so tired of my constant boob enIvy, I decided to go on my BOOB JOURNEY OF SELF DISCOVERY. I did my research, and booked a number of appointments for free consultations with plastic surgeons. I also talked to a number of women at my resort as to the best type of breast implants to get-silicone, saline and gummy bears. I found out that gummy bears would be the best option for me, because they seemed to feel  more real. I loved the consistancy of them. 

 With the first plastic surgeon, his assistant took me in a room and had me put on a bra, and then she told me to figure out the size silicone breasts I wanted and stuff the silicone in the bra. Then she had me put on a T Shirt. I was totally confused. How was I supposed to know the perfect size for me. The doctor didn’t help either. He came in and told me to choose. I decided he wasn’t the right doctor for me.

 The next plastic surgeon I liked a lot. He went into great detail about the ins and outs of breast enhancement surgery.  He told me above the muscle is least painful, but going under the muscle doesn’t produce the best results. Under the muscle is my best option and consistantly has best results, but it is very paiiinful. He also knew the perfect size (250CC’s), which fit with my 4’10” petite physique. Any higher in CC’s, and I would look heavier. Next he took me into the scheduler who discussed my medications. The only medication I am on is bio identical hormones. I was told that I had to stop the hormones two weeks before surgery (something having to do with the breast tissue). Now that stopped me in my tracks. Until finding the right doctor for my hormone replacement therapy about 1 1/2 years ago and finally getting on the correct dose, I wasn’t about to go through being off hormones again. That is another story in itself. This is when I began to realize that getting a boob job wasn’t the right avenue for me. First of all, I wasn’t sure I wanted to experience the pain and then on top of it having my hormones off.  There was no way I was going to put myself through all of that. I

As to my boob fantasy, well that will happen someday; but for right now, I have decided to LOVE  MY BOOBS.