I had a very interesting dream again last night, and I know that it might have had to do with this past relationship I was in that ended recently. One of my girlfriends helped me to do some dream interpretation on it, and she suggested that I was watching myself interact with a man from my past (not 10 years ago as the dream suggested).  Many times faces of the past are put into my dreams, and that is only to make me understand the dream itself. In this dream, I was watching myself when some guy I dated about 10 years ago called a friend of mine at 2am. Now I know that this dream wasn’t about him. I was there when the call came in at 2am. He wanted to talk to her (which is me). Afterwards, the conversation appeared  in writing. There was an explosion of anger. Eventually the two parties resolved it.  I know that the number 2 in dreams means Ying Yang and balance. Just had to share. It makes me wonder.