I just woke up with a very intense and clear dream that I had last night. In the dream, I was invited to two on the spot weddings on the same day at the same time. One was an invitation from a friend of mine for a luncheon to celebrate her “spontaneous” nuptuals with her long time live in boyfriend, and the other  invitation was  from a woman I barely know to go to her wedding. The first woman (my friend) asked me to drive her to the luncheon. At first I thought it was close by, but then she told me that I first had to drive her to Thousand Oaks to pick up a yacht. I told her no, because Thousand Oaks is two hours away. She opted for just going to the luncheon in New Port Richey (Florida). 

Interesting enough is that I am originally from Southern California, but I now live about 40 minutes north of Tampa. I have since messaged my friend to let her know I dreamed about her getting married.  I left out the part about buying a yacht. She wrote back several hours later, and said that they were in Greece. She also said if that ever happened, I would be invited; but I would probably starve waiting for that wedding event.

It is afternoon now, and I have been doing some research on the internet about dreaming about weddings.  To dream about weddings  can symbolize new beginnings, changes and transitions for the person dreaming about them. For me, being that I am single, it means a union between two people and two choices. It can also mean my desire for more of a commitment with someone, and a balancing of the feminine and masculine.