I have had many many very vivid dreams in my lifetime, but recently  I have been dreaming a lot. I believe it is due to my wonderful discovery of EFT Tapping. I get the sense that I am doing a lot of releasing. I always pay attention to the symbols, and I blog the significant dreams that I have.  I had a very intense dream two nights ago. This Asian Emperor was in charge of who  was supposed to die next. He chose me. I remember not being afraid-just that I wasn’t ready for it to be my time yet. I told him no, and so he left me alone.

I have pondered that dream since yesterday. I was at a party late this afternoon, and I was sharing my dream with a friend. I was also sharing with her that two weeks after the breakup with a man I was dating about 2 months ago, I went out on a date with someone. I live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, so we met at the club for dinner.We had a very lover dinner and conversation. After dinner, we went downstairs to a secluded place to talk. He kissed me, and I literally felt as if my lips were dead.  It was as if  my emotions and  sexual energy were dead as well. I felt nothing. I hightailed it out of there making the excuse that I was tired. I did not want to be around him anymore.

I knew the feeling that my lips were dead  had to do with the ending of  the relationship I had been in. The man I was involved with definitely had a profound effect on me on every level, and I believed him to be my Twin Flame. I have never felt that way before about anyone.  As I was talking to my friend, I had an AH HA Moment. I realized that in saying I wasn’t ready to be dead yet in my dream meant that in no way was I going to allow myself to give up on feeling sexually and emotionally alive. I then realized that I had to somehow let this man I believe to be my Twin Soul go. Only then, can I feel emotionally and sexually alive again. I AM READY!

 ADDENDUM- I had another dream last night in which a man was trying to get with me and kiss me, but I refused him.