I woke up about 3am this morning and had trouble getting back to sleep. When I finally did get back to sleep, I dreamed about someone I knew from a couple years ago (Tony). We were friends for quite awhile and were never involved; however, when it looked like it was turning into something, he ran away. I haven’t spoken to him in at least 2 years and had even forgotten about him. In my dream, he came into my home and wanted to stay. I agreed; however, when I came out of my bedroom after searching for the missing pillows in my bedroom, I realized that he had others with him. I don’t know who the other people were, but they had babies with them. They had set up a playpen in my livingroom and had moved my furniture around.  It disturbed me that the pillows from my bed were gone and the bed appeared empty . I was very upset that these people with their babies were sitting on my brand new coach. I screamed for him and all of his people to get out of my house or I would call the police.

Now I could interpret this in many ways; however, earlier in the day while meditating in my favorite fuzzy pink chair, I called in and meditated with the Goddess Mauve. She was a Celtic warrior Goddess who was infamous for her beauty and her sexual prowness. She intoxicated men with her power of passion. I am single and meditated with her to draw in someone for intimacy, long term romance and passion. I either drew him in or someone but that was just the face that my dream chose to use. I was married once, but I was divorced by the time I was 21. After all these many many years, I am still single, because I never wanted to have babies. I chose the safe way out with men who were much much older then me. I strongly desire to be in a relationship, but here at 63, I am still alone.

That’s all I have for now with that dream. I’ll add more later as I have more insight.