My friend, Amy, and I both attended the Gateway Dream Retreat  to be a certified Dream Coach last Month in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When we met there, we had an instant connection. Amy is a Clairaudient Medium, and I am a Clairvoyant and Clairsentient Medium. When we decided to be night dream partners for eachother yesterday, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that our night dream  healing journey last night would be strong and powerful.  Before each of us went to sleep (Amy in Tennessee and me in Florida), we both programmed our dreams with Archangel Michael (for strength, protection and healing) Archangel Chamuel (for love and romance) and Archangel Gabriel (just because we both feel a connection to her).  We both set the intention to remove blocks to creating our soul mate. 

This morning we compared notes, and we discovered that I had a night healing dream message for her, and she had a night healing dream message for me.  The first dream that I remember was seeing a white horse and a man.  That was it. I do not remember any other part of that dream. This a message for both of us not to give up, because our soul mates are waiting for us when the time is right for both of us.

 In the second part of my dream I was staying in a hotel. I saw a man with another man growing out of his stomach (trunk and head). They looked exactly alike.   I went to go find my room at the hotel, but this time I thought I would try a different way of getting to my room. I felt lost, so instead I took the stairs down to another floor. There were birds flying around inside the hotel, and the bannister was covered in bird poop. The birds were watching me walk down the stairs. I then went to another room of the hotel, and I removed my underwear and sandals. I was covered.  Someone broke some glass, and it got inside of my sandals. I took them and took the elevator UP to wash them.

Yesterday, we had a discussion about the men she is dating. Due to Mercury in Retrograde, men are popping out of the past for her;  so I knew, and we both later agreed, that this dream was mostly meant for her and a little bit meant for me. Although I have not dated anyone for awhile,  in some ways, I can relate..   She has been manifesting the same sort of guy, but each time  he has a different look.  Walking down the stairs was a warning not to go backwards and reconnect with men from the past, because of the crap that would manifest out of doing that. By the glass breaking into pieces all over the floor, the great news is that both our negative beliefs and patterns in relationships are being shattered . She also told me that she psychically connects each of the men she meets to different kinds of birds.

In her dream, she saw me standing next to a statue of the Ascended Master, Quan Yin.  Quan Yin is the Goddess of Compassion. Although I have never actually “worked” with Quan Yin before, I knew that the message for me was important. It shows that I need to have more compassion for myself. I had a very critical mother, and now it is time to connect with a loving and compassionate mother. It is time to love myself unconditionally.

We have both decided to go on a night dreaming journey for two more nights  together to see what comes up for each of us. Tonight, we will both call in Quan Yin for eachother and also the Ascended Masters Alpha and Omega for creating our twin flame and Aengus, the Celtic God Of Soul Mate Love. I cannot wait to see what tonight’s  night healing dreams bring.

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