My wonderful friend of 20 years, Sandy, and I decided  that when we went to sleep last night to do dream healing on eachother. She has gotten very excited about the whole aspect of dream healing, since she has been a part of my online dream study group.   It is  about 8am, so  I have not spoken to her yet, I do not know how her dreams went. She is 3 hours behind me in Arizona. I will add her experience later.

I asked her to program my dreams for removing blockages to greater success and prosperity and for a sexy juicy soul mate of my dreams to come into my life for a  long term relationship. Along with programming Sandy’s dreams for what she asked for, I also programmed my own dreams with Archangel Michael, Archangel Chamuel, God and my fairies.

In my dream, Sandy and I were together at a pool (proof of her night healing abilities). She told me that finding a good man for a good relationship is liking finding a comfy chair to sit in. In otherwords, the man should feel like a comfy chair helping us to feel safe and protected. I was wearing a bright pink healing bracelet, and the pool turned pink at one point.  At one point, she said to me let’s go talk about love and relationships. There was more to that part of the dream, but I can’t remember it.  In this part of the dream. a lot of healing was going on regarding my love life. Pink represents love, and I know I am removing blocks to being in a relationship where I feel safe and protected. Water (the pool) represents healing.

I got up around 5ish am, wrote down the parts of the dream that I remember, and then I went back to sleep. Intuitively I felt like there was more dreaming to be done. I was right. I dreamed that I called a psychic on the phone, and it was one of those psychic lines. During the reading, which I am pretty sure was about money, I suddenly got worried about how long I had been on the phone with the psychic. I asked her how long I had been on the call, and I saw that I went 5 minutes over.  It said -5. I freaked out and immediately hung up, which caused me not to  remember the reading. In the dream I was worried that I spent to much money on the call.  In life, I do a lot of unnecessary worrying about money. I have been alone for a long time, and I am the only one taking care of myself. Sometimes, I wish I could share finances with a partner.

In the next part of the dream, my brother, Jimmy, and I were sitting at the kitchen table and having a very long relaxing and open conversation about everything. Jimmy was wearing white. In life, we are not close at all, and we don’t talk all that often. I told him about a dream that I blogged about a few weeks ago about Herb, my dad’s 3rd or 4th cousin, who was very wealthy and who showed up in a money dream.  He said that he came into his dream too. My right eye was stuck together in the dream, and I had to pry it open. Prying my right eye open, meant to me  that it is time for me to see things in a different light now in my relationship with my brother.  Jimmy is the logical one, and I am the intuitive and spiritual one. There is a lot of healing going on in this dream between Jimmy and me, since he is wearing white in the dream. I know that this healing will be shown to me in my  life when the time is right.

UPDATE:  It is now around 11am eastern, and I have just talked to Sandy. She said that right before she went to bed around 11am, she was talking on the phone to a man she is interested in  for quite awhile, and she felt all comfortable and cozy talking to him.  She hung up and then looked at the clock and thought to herself that it was about 2am my time. At that point, she programmed her dreams and mine with Archangel Michael to clear blockages to a loving relationship.  She then fell into a deep restful and peaceful sleep not waking up until morning. She does not remember dreaming or coming into my dreams last night. We both agreed that since she came into my dream last night and told me that  a good relationship is like sitting in a comfy chair  that the dream was for both of us. We both want to remove whatever is blocking us from feeling  comfy and safe in a man’s arms. The dream served it’s duel healing purpose for both of us.  I told her that next time that she has to ask Archangel Michael (or whoever she wants to bring in) to help her remember her dreams. That is important.

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