As a Dream Goddess Dream Coach, I am very dedicated to programming my dreams.  The dreams that I remember these days happen very early in the morning.  Even though I have no memory of dreaming at night when I go to sleep, I am pretty sure I am dreaming and healing. The messages that I remember while I am sleeping and dreaming seem to appear between 5 and 7:00am every morning. I usually wake up to go to the bathroom around 5am.  I then quickly go back to bed, because I know my dream schedule quite well. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am going to be dreaming between those hours and that those are the dreams that are significant and that I will remember. I absolutely love this part of the morning.

When I program my dreams before I go to sleep, I ask the particular Archangels that I choose to work with that night to help me to fall into a deep and restful sleep waking up feeling refreshed and wide awake ready for a brand new day.  I also program my dreams for whatever I want to work on making sure to ask that I remember my dreams and messages. I also as a rule do not consult a dream dictionary, because as unique individuals we should have our own dream interpretation for the messages we are receiving through our deams.

Last night, as usual, I called in Archangel Michael. I feel like he is my protector.  I also called in God, my fairies and Archangel Gabriel as well. I have been feeling Archangel Gabriel very strongly around me since yesterday. All day yesterday, I talked to her and asked her for guidance, inspiration, insights and ideas for writing my book that is about soul mates. Even right now, as I am writing this, I feel her around me.

In my first dream this morning, I was invited along with a group of people that I know to go to China and other parts of Asia. My friend, Eldon, was part of the group. Someone was paying for all of us. Then suddenly I was uninvited, because the flight was $1500. They did not want to put up the money for me. I feel like they did not think it was safe for me.  I was very disappointed, and I truly felt left out. It felt like they thought  I was not important or significant enough to go.  A few days ago, I had a dream about balancing my ying yang energy, so this dream could also most definitely be a reminder of this. Click here to read about that dream.

I feel inspired to add to my book this morning.

Dream on …….