I had this dream on July 27th, and I immediately journaled it. It was a very memorable dream, but for some reason I forgot to blog it. I asked the angels and my fairies to help me receive messages while I am sleeping and to help me to feel loved and wanted through these messages in my dreams.  In my dream, I was asked to go to England to pick up a prince. I told “them” that I could not go right then, because I am going to the Gateway Dream Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico August 5-13. I also could not go October 15-22, because I am going on a new age/metaphysical cruise aboard the Oasis Of The Seas. I was then told that I will be going in September. All of a sudden, I discovered that I was not the only one going; others were going too. The elevator door opened, and my first love (who passed away years ago) was standing there. I was also shown that where I was going would be a really long waterslide, which means that I could very well be carried away by  my emotions when I connect with this man.  It pretty much feels like a new love to me. The very next day, I started having all these choices with men.

Two nights ago (August 27th) exactly a month later to the day, I had a dream that made me think about the English Prince dream. I dreamed that I had to go to the hairdresser, and I was in a place where everyone had English accents.

The plot is unfolding and thickening. Can’t wait to meet MY ENGLISH PRINCE or perhaps an American Prince (who knows). I have no plans for going to England at this time; so who knows what life and love will bring me.