Last night, I called in Archangel Raphael and my angel of sleeping and dreaming to heal and cleanse me in all areas of my life-health and wellbeing, financially and in the love department. Before I tell you my dream,  I must tell you that I have lived in a beautiful condo here in the beautiful Caliente Clothing Optional Resort in Florida for 13 years. I feel incredible blessed to be living in a resort where people visit from all over the world.

I dreamed that I was in the process of moving to a new home outside of the resort. I could see and feel in the dream that my new home did not fit my uniquely pink personality. I call my current home my pink castle, because I have wall to wall hot pink carpet and murals painted on my walls. It is so me. This new home  that I was moving into showed nothing of my pink personality. It was old, plain, ugly and drab. This is the third time that I have dreamed that I was moving. There were people helping, but they did not seem strong enough. One man said he felt light headed. I was having trouble coordinating the move. I was especially worried about getting cable, but the TV was big and the guys were not strong enough to help me move all the furniture. I then thought of calling a local moving company to move all the furniture.

INTERPRETATION – That dream showed me that my inner beliefs about myself do not match my outer self and how I express myself to the world. My inner self is secretly fearful that people might see me as ugly, old and drab. Yesterday, I felt light headed, because I had been too busy to eat a proper lunch; and once I get that way, it takes awhile to feel better.

Tonight, I will once again call in Archangel Raphael with the intention of Lucid Dreaming.

UPDATE 3/3/17- I am now realizing that this dream was also a psychic dream and has come to pass in the last few days. I decided to purchase an area rug for underneath my coffee table. The first one I purchased did not seem vibrant enough, so I returned it to the people I bought it from. I then decided to take the area rug from my office, and put it underneath the coffee table. This effort took some strong men to help me from the resort that I live in. I then decided to move the rug back into my office, and I found a totally different area rug. Also, like everyone else, I have an internet/phone/TV package with the local cable company. Suddenly, I lost the TV cable connection. For two days the cable company could not figure it out. Come to find out, the neighbors downstairs shut off just their TV from their cable package. The cable company not realizing this was a condo complex, shut off my TV connection.