I have to share with you all a mind blowing experience I had last night. I am currently in my 60’s, but between my 20’s and my 40’s, I primarily dated men 20-30 years older than me. Even though I had a father who adopted me, I never accepted him. I shut him out. So hence, I searched for a father replacement. In my mid 40’s, I drove with a group of friends from Southern California to Sacramento for a singles weekend in another nudist resort. I immediately met a gentleman in his 60’s. We had a very intense passionate weekend together, but in the end he wasn’t willing to be in a long distance relationship; so it ended. He felt he was too old to do all that driving back and forth like that. He also had an intense fear of flying, elevators and being on boats and ships.

A few nights ago, a friend of mine who used to run one of the singles groups here at the club received a phone call from a gentleman asking to come to the singles dinner last night. He said that he knew me from the nudist resort in Sacramento and that he had heard that I lived there. She confirmed it. He is now living 1 1/2 hours away. When she called me and told me, I was literally shocked to say the least. I computed it and realized he had to be in his 80’s, an age not acceptable for me to be in a relationship with. I am no longer looking for a father replacement.   I was, however, happy to see him;, and we spent some time talking. He was very obviously too old for me. I go for men close to my age now. He let me know he was no longer able to be sexual, and I let him know in a very gentle way that he would always remain in my heart, but that  I was too young to give up sex.  He, thank God, understood.  His ex (who was my age) left him, because he got too old for her. Then he married another woman (another psychic and reiki master. They are also  divorced now. He is a lovely sweet man, but no longer for me. The good news is that he got over his intense fear of elevators.

 I have to say to all of you women who are young and like dating much older men, think twice; because they will get old before you do; and then it will come up to bite you in the face.