I recently felt inspired to create a Love Alter and a Prosperity Alter for myself. As a professional Psychic for 30 years, I am always looking to evolve, grow and evole. As I grow, my psychic and expand into other rhelms, my channeling abilities are  getting stronger and more powerful. I am currently taking an online course called “Soul Couching Oracle Card Reader Certification Coarse. I have always been blessed with clairvoyant (seeing images and words, etc.) and clairsentient (reading emotions) abilities; however, more so then ever before, I am connecting with my client’s souls and “seeing’ their soul’s deepest desires and fullfillment in life. It has become an important aspect of every psychic reading that I do for a client.  Ever since I went to the Hay House I Can Do it Convention in Orlando a few weeks ago, I have been drawn to Denise Linn, an Author, Teacher and Soul Coach. I took her past life regression workshop while I was there. NOW, I feel so connected to the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards, and right now learning and connecting with the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards is  my passion. When I complete the course, I will have to do 88 free Oracle Card Readings, so I will let you know when I am ready to do Oracle Card Readings.

In the mean time, click here for a Messages From Your Soul Email Reading. I will delve into the very depths of your soul to see what your soul’s desires are for you and more WITHOUT using the Soul Coaching Oracle Cards.

What blows my mind is that I know from within the very depths of my soul that I am meant to study with Denise Linn. A few days ago, while doing a google search for something entirely unrelated, I was devinely led to  a new age cruise for October of 2016, Out of the over 40 healers and teachers on this cruise, the first person’s name I saw was Denise Linn. I knew I was being led from above, so I booked it.

Below is my Prosperity Alter and my Love Alter.



I Can Do It Hay House Convention New York
I Can Do It Hay House Convention New York