I am signed up for the Hay House World Summit 2016, and last night, right before I went to bed,  I listened to Charley Morely on his interview about Lucid Dreaming. What a fascinating interview! Now I have had some incredible vivid dreams in my lifetime in which  (without even trying)  I dreamed  soul mates that  I hadn’t met yet into reality in the physical form; but I did not realize that by teaching myself to lucid dream, I could change childhood patterns, fears, health situations, love life, financial situations and basically outcomes of situations. I found it fascinating that we can heal ourselves through lucid dreaming.

I followed what Charley said to do in order to have a Lucid Dream. I wrote my affirmation down and repeated the intention and affirmation for my lucid dream as I was falling asleep. My intention in the lucid dream was to meet and connect with my soul mate, so that when we meet in the physical form we would know eachother already. Like I said, I have already had some incredible experiences meeting soul mates in dreams and then later meeting them in the physical form. Each of those dreams were unplanned, so I wanted to set my intentions for what I wanted.

I know I dreamt last night, and my dream was pretty vivid. I briefly awoke from that dream remembering it, but then I lost it when I immediately fell back to sleep briefly. I know in that brief sleep, without a doubt, that I had a lucid dream in which I was boarding a plane. I purposefully interjected in this lucid dream, and said “Yeah I am going to Santa Fe, New Mexico” as I was boarding the plane. In truth, I am actually hoping to go to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a workshop in August, but for financial reasons I haven’t booked it yet. Even though I didn’t have the lucid dream about meeting and connecting with my soul mate that I had intended to have, I thought that my lucid dream about boarding the plane was pretty cool. It gave me hope. I am definitely going to try Lucid Dreaming again tonight. I will fill you in tomorrow.