I am currently listening to interviews in the Hay House World Summit 2016. My favorite interview so far is the Denise Linn interview, and she is being interviewed by Robert Hogan.  In Denise Linn’s interview, she took her listeners on a guided past life regression. I have done the regression four times so far in the past few days, and each time I have had a different experience. I am going to share a few of my past life regressions, because I feel like it directly relates to my current life situation right now.

In the first regression, the fairies took me through the door of my past life. I was definitely in a past life that seemed to be in the 17th or 18th century judging by the kind of clothes I was wearing. I was alone in a beautiful estate. It could have been a school. I appeared to be in my 40’s, and I was dressed very conservatively in a green dress that covered me from my neck to my toes, and I had brown hair that was up in a bun. I felt restricted, and my personality felt restricted as well. I got the impression that I was pretty strict with people as well. I did not look happy, and I kept calling out for my mother. I definitely was not young.  I feel that what I brought into this lifetime from that lifetime is not to hold back on who we are, and certainly not to restrict ourselves and our personality.  I did that in the first 21 years of my life, and then I began to “see” myself as someone independent of my mother.

In another regression, I felt like I was a little girl, and I was yelling for my daddy who seemed to be saying goodbye. In the regression I just did today (the fourth one),  I was definitely a little girl  about 4 years old who wanted to run to her father; however, the wonderful thing about this past life regression is that I felt very very loved by my mother who was carrying me, loving me and comforting me. This last regression gave me an incredible feeling of peace. Denise Linn says that we can go back into a past life and change outcomes. I feel like I just did that.

In my current lifetime, my biological father left our family when I was 2 years old; and until the age of six, my mother raised my brother and me as a single mother. I never felt loved, and all I felt was anger from my mother as a child  as I was growing up. It was as if my mother took out her anger out on her unfortunate situation on me. I withdrew into myself, because I did not feel it was safe to even exist.  As time went on, I discovered my true identity (as something other then my mother’s identity), but it took awhile. 

I have come a long way from the fearful withdrawn child that I was, and I have evolved into the uniquely expressive woman that I am today.  I am so glad that I had the courage to find the true me inside of myself. Thank you God.