Last night when programming my dreams, I asked Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michaell, God and my fairies to help turn my fears into love. My fears are what brings my coughing on. I have fears about running out of money, and I also have fears about being stuck in a romantic relationship that I might not want to be in. I am not involved with anyone right now, so I know that it is a wierd fear to have.

I call the dreams when I first go to sleep  my night dreams, and I call the dreams that happen early in the morning after waking up to  go to the bathroom my morning dreams.  For some reason, although I was dreaming, I cannot remember my night dreams last night; however, I remember my morning dream quite clearly. I believe that if I am supposed to remember that dream (even though I asked to bring back the memory of the dream), I would have remembered it.

In my morning dream, I bought a friend  a gift of  a very beautiful hot pink top. It cost $80. She saw the price tag and was surprised, but she did not like it. I don’t think hot pink was  her color. She said she would pass it on to someone else. I asked for the hot pink top back, and then I took it back to the store for a refund. The sales guy said that I would have to go in back and that it would take awhile. I would have to wait. The sales lady (possible the owner) took over the conversation and promptly refunded me.  The sales guy then tried to sell me a pair of shorts for $99. I declined to buy the shorts not wanting to spend $99 for a pair of shorts. I immediately went home, and I was immediately leaving to go somewhere. I started making popcorn and a huge amount of it even though I wasn’t going to be home. I could see and hear the kernels  popping into popcorn like crazy. I also spilled rice all over the inside of the toaster.

When I coached myself through this dream, seeing the hot pink top (in my eyes) represents love.  Being refunded  the $80 and not having to wait made me feel happy. For me it means that that I won’t have to wait long for all these wonderful things regarding money and love  to start happening for me.  Seeing and hearing the popcorn popping in my dream means that everything in a good way is going to pop up for me. I see wonderful possibilities and ideas popping up for me, and they  are going to be happening for me and pretty quickly.  I believe that rice is a good sign in Asian cultures, and since toasters pop up, that is a good sign. The number 8  for the $80 means abundance, goals and dreams coming to fruition. The number 9 for me means that the ending of old beliefs that I have had and the beginning of new beliefs.  


WOW!  So excited! I certainly have a lot to look forward to.  Thank you Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael, God and my fairies for being there for me in my dreams last night.