Astral projection or astral travel is when our astral body leaves the physical body to travel on an astral plane to a specific destination or person.

This is the first time ever that I am sharing this story in a public forum like this. I will share a little bit about how Astral Traveling began for me, and then I will tell you the incredible story of astral traveling to my biological father who disappeared when I was 2 years old never to be seen or heard from again.

It was in that same weekend rebirthing workshop that I attended when I was around 30. Click here if you have not read my blog post about my weekend rebirthing experience yet. In one rebirthing session that very same weekend, I was taken on an astral journey to my biological father who disappeared  when I was 2 years old never to be seen again.  I did not ask to be taken to him. That is where the rebirthing session went.  It felt like  I had literally traveled to his home and that I was in his presence.  I could see that he lived on a lake in a beautiful home and that he had a sheep dog. He was on his patio, and the view was spectacular. I could see him, and somehow I knew he knew I was there.  After that experience,  it was very easy for me to Astral Travel to him whenever I felt like it. The Rebirthing process had opened  up the astral channels between us for me. Each time,  I could see him so clearly. In time, I could see and feel that his legs hurt him,and that he had slowed down quite a bit.

One day, I was sitting in my living room, and I decided to astral travel to visit him. This time, he reacted in such an intense and angry way,   His face LITERALLY appeared in my face as clear as day, and he yelled at me to let him go.  It scared me, and  I stopped.  I never allowed myself to “visit” him again. I decided that it was best if I honored his wish.

As human beings, we don’t realize how much power we have in us to transcend time and space. We are capable of all things magical. If we used our power for good, imagine what amazing things we could do with our lives. I am now  a firm believer in respecting people’s privacy. It is important for me not to cross other people’s boundaries, because I certainly don’t want my boundaries crossed.  He did not want to be found, and he made it quite obvious in that one interaction. As a result, I no longer  Astral Travel.  I was only able to do that with him, because of the established connection I had through rebirthing.

I was also very lucky at 6 years old that my mother remarried, and he adopted us. I found at 12; and even though I shut down on him, he was a wonderful and very loving father to me.


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