Hi everyone! My name is Linda Kaye, but you can call me the PINK CHICK PSYCHIC. I live at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort, and I drive around in a hot pink car. Yes, I am a nudist. Professionally, I am a psychic medium, soul commuicator, certified soul coaching oracle card Reader, a psychic love coach and Reiki Master.

Valentines Day is quickly approaching in less then 2 weeks. Are you finding yourself alone on Valentines Day AGAIN? Are you wondering what your soul mate is feeling about you? Please watch my Youtube video to get to know me and how I do my psychic readings. Reading your soul mate’s feelings for you and if you have a future together is my expertise. Just purchase a feelings psychic reading by email by CLICKING HERE. If you want a feelings psychic reading by phone, CLICK HERE. 


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