Today, I got lucky. I won a free trip to Hedonism 11 in Negril, Jamaica through Tom’s Trips. I am very excited. 

Why am I excited? I am excited, because last July (2013) I went to Hedonism 11 for the very first time.  I knew about the group, the Fluffernutters for a couple of years, because I have friends that go to Hedonism all the time with them. My friends convinced me that I would be comfortable in the surroundings of Hedonism 11 and with the Fluffernutters, because the group is a mix of swingers and non swingers. I was told that the people are a lot of fun and very respectful. I am a nudist, but  I am not a swinger; so I hesitated for a couple of years. Finally I said “What the hell”, and I booked it. When I booked it, I paid for the expedited service at the airport, and am I glad I did. I felt like I was treated like royalty. They have shuttle service to and from the airport for free. I chose on that trip to fly in the small 3 passenger commuter plans back and forth. It is about 20-25 minutes instead of I think the 1 1/2 or so bus trip. I paid $125 each way. 

I got to Hedonism, and after checking in was shown my room. I  had purposely booked a room to myself. I got out of my clothes and set off to find the nude pool. My room was in the nude beach view area, so instead of turning left, I turned right and ended up in the prude section. I wasn’t wearing much of anything and everyone was staring at me. One of the staff,took my hand and walked me over to the nude pool. I was a little nervous at first and not sure what to expect; however, I immediately met a single guy (let’s call him my Cabana Boy) who wasn’t part of the Fluffernutters group.  He and I instantly clicked, and I spent the whole 7 days with him. Everyone in the group was very friendly and so much fun.   During the Body Shot Party at the pool, Fifty (he used to be Mr. Jamaica) caught me off guard, picked me up yelliing Virgin, threw me on a mat and proceeded to lick body shots off my toes and my nipples.

My Cabana Boy and I  had a lot of erotic and sexy fun in the pool, etc, but just with eachother.  My friends were blown away by how free and open I was. They had never seen me that way before. Cabana Boy was a swinger, but he too chose to just be with me as well. I was never alone. We went to breakfast, lunch and dinner together and to all the shows. Winston who dresses like a woman in the shows was my favorite. I was able to bring My Cabana Boy to some of the private Fluffernutter parties. I had booked it too late to be able to go on the Pirate Cruise (which I hear is wild and crazy), so I didn’t think I could get on it. I didn’t want to go without my guy, so we chose to go into town that day to Margaritaville and Rick’s Cafe. Later, I found out, that we could have both gotten on the boat. 

After a fun and amazing 7 days, I had to say good bye to my Cabana Boy. He did, however, come to visit me two months later for 11 days (too long). It proves to the fact that whatever happens in Hedo SHOULD STAY in Hedo. He was not my cup of tea in the reality of life.

I am going back to Hedo once again with the Fluffernutters this May 2-9 for Princess Week-also with an upgraded room to myself in the nude beach view. It is a smaller group, but I am sure it will be a fun adventure.  I cannot wait!

So any opinions on when I should go with my free days? I have a year to use them. I have thought about Biff’s group.