Wow! Is all I can say. When the workshop ended on November 10th, I had no idea how much my life would change. I went, because I wanted to experience living outside of the inner beliefs I had about myself about money and love. Since Tony Robbins, I have seen my inner value go up as far as how much I charge my clients, and I have shifted things accordingly. I have also realized my value as a love psychic and a coach. I hired a coach from the Tony Robbins Organization, and she is incredible. I can see myself growing by leaps and bounds.

Tony Robbins has an app for people who have done his workshops; and through joining that app, I found a private facebook page for singles (many who have done Tony Robbins). Through that page I joined a bookclub (another private facebook page), and we are currently doing the book “Calling In The One”. Reading it and working it in a group is like going through a seminar. It is quite powerful.  I have met on line so many incredible people.

It is my goal to continue with taking workshops, and I will blog again real soon.

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